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Corporate Website Design

Corporate website - a full-fledged representative of company in the Internet. At first - a design should be memorable to your visitors and partners a unique design, easy functionality and flexibility in management. Properly done the corporate web site is a powerful tool for promoting products and services offered by your company to attract potential customers and find business partners, so the development of a corporate site - one of the primary challenges facing any solid company.
Professional Unique Design
(We don't use premade templates unless you ask us to).

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Number of web pages included in your website.

up to 20
Once we design your website layout you have may ask for changes.
5 times

AP (Administration Panel) - or CMS (Content Management System)
This allows you to make changes on your website from the backend, to change text, add pictures - to manage content of your website yourself.

Free guidance of AP usage
One of our developers will guide in the use of the admin panel.
By email or skype.
Free Hosting
We provide professional hosting space. 99% uptime guaranteed!
Email account (50MB)
Your personal email account with
We update your website when you need it! No need to learn HTML or any Software. Updates can be scheduled upon request. Updates include text edits, photo edits, color edits, design edits and more!
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30 days
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With monthly payment plan, you are paying \once a month for your hosting & services. This is optinal charge, you may skip this if you already have hosting and don't need offered 3 hours free maintanance a year.
Set Up Fee
This fee includes the technical resources necessary to create, design, program and setup your website.